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New To Precision Kettlebells Boot Camp in Malvern Pa?

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Looking for a new health & fitness provider?

Precision Kettlebells provide professional boot camp stlye workouts that sculpt muscles, and blast away unwanted fat in the shortest time possible.

I like Boot Camp, Is it only kettlebells?

NO!!! we do not "only" use kettlebells, we just use them as our tool of choice. Kettlebells allow us to get cardio exercise along with strength training together as one.
Since we are a bootcamp, we use our own body weight to perform exercises, usually in a timed interval like 30 seconds on and 10 seconds off. Sometimes we use set repetitions. Along with that. we use suspension trainers such as TRX, also medicine balls and battling ropes. Don't let the name confuse you. Kettlebells are just the tool we specialize in.

What can our boot camp do for you?

Unlike any other workouts, our boot camps offers an accessible and sensible complete training program that benefits anyone and everyone at all levels of fitness with 
a varieties of goals and objectives. Boot Camp workouts are intended to increase strength, endurance, agility and balance, challenging both the muscular and cardiovascular 
system with dynamic, total body movements. To sum it all up, Tight, Tone and Sculpt your entire body!

What classes are like?

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TGIF...we all survived another week by getting stronger

Posted by Precision Kettlebells on Friday, May 8, 2015

Our group boot camp fitness classes are designed to blast away unwanted fat in the shortest time possible. Malvern's only fitness training program is guaranteed to give you the best results in half the time.
Classes will open your eyes to what your body can do. Nothing will compare to how quickly you will be able to transform fat to muscle and get stronger so quickly. 

Classes are very challenging yet fun. Never knowing what to expect each time you come, You'll never leave disappointed.

They Say...

I can honestly say I'm never turning back, why would you when  you can burn twice the amount 
Of calories in the same hour?!!!

Mike somehow creates a fitness regiment for the whole class yet makes it feel like it is tailored made just for you.

Check out our schedule to see if it suites you!

Start by browsing to the "schedules" icon above and look through the classes offered. You, a new member must/should take Kettlebells 101 to start your journey.

Class Attendance

Since you will be attending Kettlebells 101, that dosen't mean you should not attend any other classes offered. It is HIGHLY recommended to attend as many classes that fit 
into your schedule. You do want to look AWESOME Right?

Progression and Support

Get the results you have come for. Challenge yourself as those in class will challenge you as well. Instructors are there to push you and guide you to progress in all aspects 
of fitness. Email, phone, and nutritional support are always available. Don't hesitate to email or call at any time.