About Precision Kettlebells

Welcome to Precision Kettlebells

At the Kettlebell Boot Camp in Malvern Pa, each and every workout combines elements of High Intensity Interval Training, Exercise Complexes as well as Active Rest periods making sure to give you the best possible workouts and most calories burned in every session. Precision Kettlebells provides anyone and everyone with the finest in Kettlebell Boot Camps and Group Kettlebell instruction. Holding group boot camp classes and personal training sessions. Providing the surrounding cities with the best fitness classes along the Main Line in Malvern Pa, West Chester Pa, Paoli Pa, and King Of Prussia areas.

Precision takes kettlebells to a whole new level! Here to give you a whole new outlook on weight training and fitness. Kettlebells redefine your entire body, giving you muscles and reshaping muscles you did not know you had. With this unique style of training, you will be happy with all results you get. Start torching fat and building rock hard muscle. Jump off the treadmill and put the dumbbells down for a moment and learn the Art of Russian Kettlebells. You will not be disappointed. Come train with the tools that will change not only your body but also your life.